1.00 KWD = 688.54 PKR
1 KWD = 688.54 PKR 1 PKR = 0.001452 KWD
Kuwaiti Dinar Pakistani Rupee
Updated: June 24 2022


Date Symbol Buying Selling
23 Jun, 2022 KWD To PKR 688.54 693.54
22 Jun, 2022 KWD To PKR 683.66 688.60
21 Jun, 2022 KWD To PKR 671.36 676.36
20 Jun, 2022 KWD To PKR 671.36 676.36
19 Jun, 2022 KWD To PKR 673.22 678.22
18 Jun, 2022 KWD To PKR 673.22 678.22
17 Jun, 2022 KWD To PKR 673.22 678.22
16 Jun, 2022 KWD To PKR 673.22 678.22
15 Jun, 2022 KWD To PKR 670.92 675.92
14 Jun, 2022 KWD To PKR 663.29 668.29

KWD to PKR Rates - Kuwaiti Dinar to Pakistani Rupee Exchange Rate -Kuwait is officially known as State of Kuwait. It is surrounded by the boundaries of Iraq and Saudi-Arabia. To talk about its culture so the country has a rich culture and Western practices.

The official currency of the state is Kuwaiti Dinar and it is also represented as KWD. It serves a long history, in 1961 the Kuwaiti Dinar was first time introduced in-country before this the Indian Rupee was commonly circulated in State. At this time the worth of the currency is equal to the British Pound Sterling (GBP).

However, soon in 1970 and in 1971 second series of Dinar notes had been circulated. After that third series of banknotes had been introduced in the country and then in 1990 Kuwaiti Dinar has dismissed from the country and Iraqi Dinar had circulated in state. Then it again resorted in 1991 with a new series of bank-notes. Likewise, Kuwaiti Dinar was fluctuating throughout six-years and each year the Kuwaiti currency has its new designing, structure, size and visualization.

After the lot of struggle, the currency has stabilized and currently regarded as highest currency in the world and worth about USD 3.39 as of May 2019. Hence, currency gains its popularity because Kuwait has 104 million crude oil reserves and oil richest country, which ultimately stabilize the economy of the country.

Presently, Kuwaiti Dinar is divided into 1000 fils and coins of 10, 20, 50 and 100 fils. Apart from that, KWD notes are; 2.5, 0.5, 1, 5, 10 and 20 dinars.

On contrary since 1948 the official currency of Pakistan is Pakistani Rupee; it is also denoted as PKR and made up of 100 paise. It also serves along history since the time of its inception. Currently, the country has banknotes of 10, 20, 50, 100, 500, 1000 and 5000 Rupee along with different color and sizes. Besides that, commemorative coins has also issued in country on different occasions and events.

Presently, the country has coins of Rs 1, 2 and 5 along with distinct features and size. Now Central Bank of Pakistan has the authority to issued currency notes in Pakistan.

Sometimes, we need to foreign exchange of different national currencies either for the purpose of trading or overview of nation’s economic conditions. Like; KWD to PKR Rates For this purpose we must need currency converter.

In this regard, Pakbiz.com offers accurate KWD and PKR Rates along with online KWD to PKR currency converter. Through this converter, you can quickly and easily get Kuwaiti Dinar to Pakistani Exchange Rate

This page has also the accessibility of live rates of selling and buying of Kuwaiti Dinar as per date wise Apart from that, here you can also update yourself from updated, live currency, international foxes and regularly update with open market currency exchange rates.

Keep in touch with us and get all the updates about Kuwaiti Dinar to Pakistani Rupees Rates Today. Also don’t forget to share your thoughts in comment box.

This KWD to PKR convertor is up to date with exchange rates from 24 Jun, 2022.

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