1.00 OMR = 550.26 PKR
1 OMR = 550.26 PKR 1 PKR = 0.001817 OMR
Omani Riyal Pakistani Rupee
Updated: June 24 2022


Date Symbol Buying Selling
23 Jun, 2022 OMR To PKR 550.26 554.76
22 Jun, 2022 OMR To PKR 548.72 553.22
21 Jun, 2022 OMR To PKR 537.38 541.88
20 Jun, 2022 OMR To PKR 537.38 541.88
19 Jun, 2022 OMR To PKR 538.33 542.83
18 Jun, 2022 OMR To PKR 538.33 542.83
17 Jun, 2022 OMR To PKR 538.33 542.83
16 Jun, 2022 OMR To PKR 538.33 542.83
15 Jun, 2022 OMR To PKR 536.73 541.23
14 Jun, 2022 OMR To PKR 530.79 535.29

OMR to PKR Rates - Omani Riyal to Pakistani Rupee Exchange Rates- Oman is officially known as “Saltanat Uman”; it is located in South Eastern coast of Arabic Peninsula and bordered by UAE, Saudi- Arabia, Yemen, Iran and Pakistan.

Oman is a tribal society that enables several customs and religious teachings. However, due to adjacent regions the Muslims are in majority thereby, the culture of Oman is highly influenced by the Muslim religion.

The official currency of Oman is Omani Riyal which is also denoted as OMR. In earlier period of time the country did not have their national currency and Indian Rupee (INR) or Maria Theresa Thaler were circulated in different regions of Muscat and Oman. In 1940 the coins were introduced in Dhofar after that another series of new coins were also introduced in Oman and that is still in use. And these coins were made in Baisa with the rate of 200 Baisa is equal to 1 Rial.

Soon after 1970, the Saudi Riyal was became the national currency of a country which was equivalent to the British Pound (GPB) and after its popularity, the Indian Rupee was replaced. Later, on 1973 Saudi Riyal was replaced by Omani Riyal and became the official currency of Oman as per the verdict of Sultan Qaboos bin Said.

In 1974 he also developed Central Bank of Oman; the bank is responsible for issuance of Omani Riyal (OMR) and it is fixed on the rate of USD Dollar, per one Omani Riyal = to $2.6008.

On contrary the Pakistani Rupee is the national currency of Pakistan which is also symbolized as PKR and it is made up 100 paisa or 100 Rp. At the present stage Pakistan has various numbers of coins and notes and it is issued by State Bank of Pakistan. Each coin and notes have their own kind of color and size.

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This OMR to PKR convertor is up to date with exchange rates from 24 Jun, 2022.

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