08 Aug, 2022 Currency Rates in Pakistan - The total liquid foreign reserves held by the country stood at $21,744.1 million on April 7, 2017. The break-up of the foreign reserves position released on Thursday showed that foreign reserves held by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) stood at $16,688.2 million, net foreign reserves held by commercial banks are $5,055.9 million, thus total liquid foreign reserves reached at $21,744.1 million. During the week e... Read More

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Currency Rates in Pakistan- The absolute liquid foreign reserves held by the nation remained at $21,744.1 million on April 2017. The separation of the foreign reserves position discharged on Thursday demonstrated that foreign reserves held the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) remained at $16,688.2 million, net foreign reserves held by commercial banks are $5,055.9 million, in this way total liquid foreign reserves approached at $21,744.1 million.

During the week finishing April 7 2017, the SBP reserves increase by $222 million to $16,688 million. During the week SBP got multilateral flows of $317 million and made installment of $118 million on account of external debt servicing and other authority installments. The accompanying table of cash open market page shows all universal significant money rates in Pakistani rupee.

The cash page continues showing current rates of all major currencies in Pakistani rupees with currency symbols and cash constant purchasing and selling cost, for example, US$ dollar rates in Pakistan, €-Euro (EU) Rates in Pakistan, £-British Pound (GBP) Rates, AED-UAE Dirham Rates in Pakistan, SAR-Saudi Arabian Riyal Rates in Pakistan, and CAD$-Canadian Dollar rate in Pakistan. Likewise you can check the live money rates in Pakistan, updates about Pakistan currency exchange and forex rates in Pakistan today. For the ease of users this site, the currency converter is also available here for calculating the differences in currencies.

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Asad Tue 26 Nov, 2019

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dollar rate km hona chaiye..........
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Dear All, Govt has announced registration of PKR. 40,000/- Bond. Congratulation, take your bonds to Bank and registered them ASAP.
Shaukatali Thu 13 Jun, 2019

السلام علیکم میں سعودی ریال بیچنا چاہتا ہوں جس کو چاہیے وہ مجھ سے خرید سکتا ہے ریٹ ہے 40,25 03125420279
وسیم Wed 12 Jun, 2019

Landing here to check the amount which I get today in PKR after converting my SAR from the money exchanger, I am happy because I get the right amount according to the rates of SAR to PKR todays.
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Buying and Selling rates of all currencies are found here. I have recommended this page to my uncle so he can access the accurate open market rates here.
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Oh wow! The new Tab of selecting the date of open market rates where you want to check the rates is quite helpful to check the rates of past dates. Using this bar to check the US Dollar buying rates on 02 Jan 2019.
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please send me an alert message regarding Saudi Riyal day by day basis Thanks a lot
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The page of Open Market Rates checking the buying rates of US Dollar, I think it remains unchanged according to the rates when I sold my US Dollar in the last week.
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Today is 18 Dec 2018 (not 19 Dec. 2018) as indicated in this news.
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I want to cell 500usd.how much rate
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Actually, I want to buy Saudi Riyal for that I make an estimate to convert SAR to PKR, checking my need about how much SAR I need. I like this page where the rates are updated.
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Here I am checking the USD to PKR selling rates in Pakistan, I urgently need to convert my USD to PKR to purchase something in Pakistani Rupees.
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The Pakistani rupee is depreciating and the government should take effective measures to prevent the further devaluation of Pakistani currency
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Here I am landing to get how much PKR I have to invest If I give the order of my shipment from Japan. Checking JPY to PKR on this page and estimating the required amount.
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CURRENCY rate of every countries according to Pakistani rates with their buying and selling rates for those who are concern to foreign currency can surely find for what they r looking for a page like this
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