200 Prize Bond List Draw Results

The next prize bond Rs. 200 draw number 93 will be announced on Wednesday 15 March, 2023 at Faisalabad by the National Savings division. Look at the latest and all past draw results and check the 200 prize bond list 2023. You can search winning numbers with the 1st, 2nd & 3rd positions as well as the complete schedule of 200 prize bond 2023.
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Upcoming 200 Rs Prize Bond Draws

Draw #
Prize Bonds Date Day CITY Status
200 15 Dec, 23 Fri Multan Upcoming
200 15 Sep, 23 Fri Hyderabad Upcoming
200 15 Jun, 23 Thu Quetta Upcoming
200 15 Mar, 23 Wed Faisalabad Draw Held
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200 15 Dec, 22 Thu Faisalabad Draw Held
View Result
200 15 Sep, 22 Thu Hyderabad Draw Held
View Result
200 15 Jun, 22 Wed Multan Draw Held
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200 15 Mar, 22 Tue Lahore Draw Held
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200 15 Dec, 21 Wed Hyderabad Draw Held
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200 15 Sep, 21 Wed Muzaffarabad Draw Held
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200 15 Jun, 21 Tue Peshawar Draw Held
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200 15 Mar, 21 Mon Faisalabad Draw Held
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200 15 Dec, 20 Tue Rawalpindi Draw Held
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200 15 Sep, 20 Tue Peshawar Draw Held
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200 15 Jun, 20 Mon Quetta Draw Held
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200 16 Mar, 20 Mon Muzaffarabad Draw Held
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Note: In case draw fall in public holiday (s) the draw will be held on the following working day (s)
Winning Amount Of 200 Rs Prize Bond
list No of Prizes Prizes Winning Amount (Rs)
RS. 200/- 01 1st Prize 750,000
RS. 200/- 05 2nd Prize 250,000
RS. 200/- 2,394 3rd Prize 1,250
* For the prize bond draws to be held on or after 15th February, 2009.

200 Prize Bond List 2023

Rs 200 prize bond is a decent investing scheme that secures your money in collaboration with the State bank of Pakistan. The concept of a prize bond dates back a century when it was first introduced in the subcontinent, but the denominations were Rs 10 and Rs 100 at the time. However, following the partition of the Indian subcontinent, the concept of a national prize bond gradually emerged in Pakistan under the regulation of the "Central Directorate of National Savings (CDNS)," and different bond denominations were issued in the country at the time, including, 100, 200, 750, 25000 and 40000 Rs. On this page 200 prize bond list 2023 is available along with detailed information.

200 Prize Bond Draw Results 2023:

Prize bond 200 Rs draw results to announce soon. This draw is carried out on behalf of the government by all authorized banks. However, the reward and cash prize are not guaranteed; they are dependent on a person's luck. 200 Prize bond results online are available here for people who have invested their money in it. Some lucky people will get prize money that is categorized as mentioned below.

200 Prize Bond of Winning Amount:

  • The value of 1st prize is Rs. 750,000 to one winner.
  • The value of 2nd prize is Rs. 250,000 to three winners.
  • The value of 3rd prize is Rs. 1,250 to 2,349 winners.

Prize Bond Draw Denominations:

In Pakistan today, the bonds are available in eight different denominations, including the 100 Prize Bond, the 1500 Prize Bond, the 750 Prize Bond, and several others. Every denomination is distinct from the others, with varying prize proportions and prize distribution. On this page, visitors will be able to get an online prize bond check 200 facilities.

Prize Bond 200 Draw Validity:

In addition to these legitimate securities, the State Bank of Pakistan has established some guidelines for the 200 Prize Bond and other bond types. The rules stipulated that the 200 Prize Bond and other bonds had to be issued before the 200 Prize Bond draw's 60-day deadline and that the prize bond reward had to be claimed within six years of the draw.

Check Prize Bond 200 Draw result

If you buy a 200 Rs. bond and want to check the 200 Prize bond list 2023, you can easily do so from this website because it provides users with an online facility to access the 200 bond list 2023 or accurate 200 Prize bond result. When the 200 Prize Bond list for 2023 is updated, the page can be easily accessed.

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I live in Karachi and i always purchase prize bonds, and I am so happy because I always won my prize bond.

  • By: Farhan
  • on Wed 05 Oct, 2022