750 Prize Bond List Draw Results

The next prize bond Rs. 750 any draw number will be announced on 2023 by the National Savings division. Look at the latest and all past draw results and check the 750 prize bond list 2022. You can search winning numbers with the 1st, 2nd & 3rd positions as well as the complete schedule of 750 prize bond 2022
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Upcoming 750 Rs Prize Bond Draws

Draw #
Prize Bonds Date Day CITY Status
750 17 Oct, 22 Mon Quetta Draw Held
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750 15 Jul, 22 Fri Lahore Draw Held
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750 15 Apr, 22 Fri Karachi Draw Held
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750 17 Jan, 22 Mon Peshawar Draw Held
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750 15 Oct, 21 Fri Rawalpindi Draw Held
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750 15 Jul, 21 Thu Lahore Draw Held
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750 15 Apr, 21 Thu Quetta Draw Held
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750 15 Jan, 21 Fri Hyderabad Draw Held
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750 15 Oct, 20 Thu Lahore Draw Held
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750 15 Jul, 20 Wed Muzaffarabad Draw Held
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750 15 Apr, 20 Wed Hyderabad Draw Held
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750 15 Jan, 20 Wed Karachi Draw Held
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Note: In case draw fall in public holiday (s) the draw will be held on the following working day (s)
Winning Amount Of 750 Rs Prize Bond
list No of Prizes Prizes Winning Amount (Rs)
RS. 750/- 01 1st Prize 1,500,000
RS. 750/- 03 2nd Prize 500,000
RS. 750/- 1696 3rd Prize 9,300
* For the prize bond draws to be held on or after 15th February, 2009.

Rs. 750 prize bond

The government draws a lucky number of prize bonds and gives the people money, awards, rewards, and payments. A prize bond is a system by which people invest money in the government, and the government reciprocates by giving the people a prize bond. The reward in this instance is this distinct series of government prize bonds. Here we are sharing the 750 Prize Bond list 2022 for people who have invested their money in buying Prize bonds.

The Pakistani community constantly anticipates the prize bond to draw in the various cities of our nations. The following Prize Bond 750 list is now available here when the official Government and Central Directorate announce the list of 750 checks online.

The concept of a prize bond first appeared in Pakistan in 1960, thanks to the efforts of the Central Bank of Pakistan and the State Bank of Pakistan. They introduced a Prize bond scheme, which is officially known as National Prize Bonds, and it is currently available in different denominations such as; 100, 200, and Prize bond 750, etc. Each bond is unique, as are the winning amounts and winners' divisions. However, the winning Prizes for the 750 Prize bond list 2022 and other Prize bonds are divided into three categories: first prize, second prize, and third prize.

750 Prize Bond of Winning Amount:

  • The value of 1st prize is Rs. 1,500,000 to one winner.
  • The value of 2nd prize is Rs. 500,000 to three winners.
  • The value of 3rd prize is Rs. 9,300 to the 1696 winners.

The RS 750 Prize bond has also been subject to some rules and terms and conditions imposed by the CDNS. These rules state that the 750 Prize Bond Draw or every draw takes place four days a year, which increases the chances of winning cash prizes. Aside from that, the lucky draws of Prize Bond 750 or other 8 Prize bonds took place only in a few cities in Pakistan, including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Quetta, and Peshawar. When the prize bond list 750 draw 2021 is revealed, people will be able to get information about purchasing prize bonds 750 and investment schemes online, as well as receive updates on prize bond results.

Prize Bond 750 list - Comments & Reviews

Estate bank bonds sab jhot hy ya sab khud apny logo ko ji win krwaty hy common man bas pasy phasa kr chup ho jata hy w8 ma,,,

  • By: sajidasyed
  • on Tue 29 Nov, 2022

to day is the draw for 750 prize bond Quetta and i am waiting for the results. i think it is the best way to save your money when there are some chances to win prize as well.

  • By: Shaheen Abbas
  • on Sun 16 Oct, 2022

Kudos too the team for creating such an amazing pages and the format is so easy. I can easily check my bond results here. Any idea when other bonds prices will be uploaded.

  • By: Aliyaah
  • on Fri 14 Oct, 2022

Prize Bond 750 list Draw results is available here or it will announce here? i am looking forward for the draw and its results as i hope to win the 1st prize.

  • By: Sohail Ahmed Bhatti
  • on Fri 14 Oct, 2022

Waiting for the results of the Prize Bond 750 in Quetta. Will win 1st price INSHAALLAH.

  • By: Ahmed Khan
  • on Wed 05 Oct, 2022