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hello my friend my name is ekusi Ebeneezer please i have work with former president of burkinafaso west africa i was personal secretary to the former president His Excellency Bliss Campore he has Deposited gold of 800kg dore bars 50.000 thousand carat of Diamond in Ghana at security ware house in Ghana now i want some one who will come to Ghana inspect the product and after inspection we will sign an agreement so that we move the product to your country to invest it or any part of the world you want us to invest please if you interested or you know some one who might be interested let me know . thank you . Best regards ebeneezer.
ekusi ebanazer Fri 15 May, 2015

Open Market Rates
I am from Afghanistan - Qandhar, I would like to get all finance updates of website including International Currency Exchange Rates specially US$ Dollar and Euro, aside from this International Gold Rates as well. Thanks
Hamid Ahmed - Qandhar Fri 08 Aug, 2014

Gold Rates Page
Please I want to get Gold Rates in Afghanistan on daily basis, please tell me is it possible ? I visit this website daliy for different finance updates. I appreciate your services and all that. Thanks
Adullah Gul - Kabul Fri 08 Aug, 2014

Gold Rates Page
There is an error on page, converted rates are missing..... Please resolve this problem because i always visit this website for such type of information whenever i need.
Karim Thu 23 Jan, 2014

Open Market Rates
I feel comfortable here on this Page of for Currency Exchange Rates, and its converted rates in Afghanistan currency. Thanks for this easiness for us. Keep it up
Abdullah Tue 17 Dec, 2013