Gold Rate in Pakistan Today

19 Jun, 2024 Today Gold rate in Pakistan is Rs. 241,200 in 24K per tola, 22K per 10 grams is Rs. 189558 and 21k per tola is Rs. 211068 according to the Karachi Jewellers Association. Gold is found in sufficient units such as per tola, Per 10 Gram, Per Gram and Per Ounce. It informs about the fluctuation of gold price in Pakistan, here you can find updated gold rate in Pakistan and along with that Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad as per Sarafa Jewellers Association and International Gold Market.
Gold & Silver Rate
Gold 24K / Ounce
$2,333.14 International Gold Rates
Gold 24K - 1 Tola
Rs. 241,200 Gold Rate Karachi
Gold 24K - 10 Grams
Rs. 206,790 Gold Rate Karachi
Current Gold Rates
Pakistan Gold Rates (by: Karachi Saraf Jewelers Association)
Gold 24K per 10 Grams Rs. 206,790
Gold 24K per Tola Rs. 241,200
Gold 22K per 10 Grams Rs. 189,558
Gold 22K per Tola Rs. 221,100
Silver per 10 Grams Rs. 3,001
Last Updated: 15 Jun 2024 (Source: Karachi Saraf)
Gold Rate Updates Daily After 4 PM PST (Mon - Fri)
Pakistan Gold Rates (Converted from International Rate)
Gold 24K per 10 Grams Rs.210,405.66
Gold 24K per Tola Rs.245,156.68
Gold 22K per 10 Grams Rs.192,871.86
Gold 22K per Tola Rs.224,726.96
Update and associate with international Gold trading
City Wise Gold Rates
24K 10 Grams24K Per Tola22K 10 Grams10 Grams
Karachi 206,790 241,200 189,558 3,001
Hyderabad 206,790 241,200 189,558 3,001
Lahore 206,790 241,200 189,558 3,001
Multan 206,790 241,200 189,558 3,001
Islamabad 206,790 241,200 189,558 3,001
Faisalabad 206,790 241,200 189,558 3,001
Rawalpindi 206,790 241,200 189,558 3,001
Quetta 206,790 241,200 189,558 3,001
Last Updated: 15 Jun 2024 (Source: Karachi Saraf Jewellers Association)
Gold Weight Units

Gold Rate in Pakistan

According to sources, shutting cost of gold twice has been a training previously, depending upon unusual fluctuation in gold price. There were buyers in the market, but no sellers, which has brought increment in its cost.

Gold rose to the 5 month peak in December as the US dollar diminished amid the expectation of slowing in the pace of dollar rate climbs. US gold rates were reached by $1,838.30 per ounce.

What is the current per tola gold rate in Pakistan?

The current price of gold in Pakistan per tola as of 19 Jun, 2024, is Rs. 241,200 .

How many grams in 22k gold are there?

Gold is usually valued in fractions, and the value of 22K gold is 22/24. 22k gold, on the other hand, contains 8.33% alloy and 91.67% gold.

What Is the Value of a Tola?

Tola is measured differently in different countries. In Pakistan, however, one tola equals 11.66 grams of gold.

What Causes Gold Prices to Change?

The key elements influencing gold prices in Pakistan and even globally are investor attitudes, supply, and demand. Gold is sometimes employed as a hedge against inflation because, unlike paper money, its supply does not change dramatically from year to year. Over the past 2000 years, demand has surpassed supply despite this, although the growth rate of gold investment has not been particularly significant. The cost of gold may differ between Pakistani cities.

Gold in Pakistan:

Because Pakistan is a net importer of gold, any increase in international markets translates into an increase in domestic prices. From Monday to Saturday, the All Sindh Saraf Jewelers Association (ASSJA) sets gold prices in Pakistan for local markets. In addition to changes in international prices, the rupee-dollar parity has an impact on local pricing. Following the devastation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, many investors flocked to gold as a haven asset, pushing gold prices to near a decade high in global markets. Another reason is, the Pakistani Rupees are considered a low currency in comparison to other world currencies, and the gold rate in Pakistan is always higher.


Q. What is the rate of gold today in Pakistan in 24k per tola?

A. The current price of gold in Pakistan per tola is Rs. 241,200

Q. How much is the per tola rate for 22k gold today?

A. 22K gold rate per tola is Rs. 221,100

Q. Why does the price of gold fluctuate?

A. When interest rates rise, so does the price of gold

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As gold's quantity does not fluctuate significantly from year to year, unlike paper money, it is occasionally used as a hedge against inflation.

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