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I have some Omani riyals with me in Wuhan and I want to convert into Chinese rmbs. I inquired all banks in Wuhan including bank of china but they dont offer exchange for omani riyals in to rmbs. May I know how to convert these Omani riyals into rmbs.
Khan Tue 22 Dec, 2015

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How a China-US one-two punch floored gold price. On Thursday, gold regained some of its footing after hitting its lowest level since March 2010 at the start of the week. Futures contracts in New York with August delivery dates exchanged hands for $1,094 an ounce in early afternoon trade, up a couple of dollars from yesterday's close. If the metal holds onto these levels it would be the firs positive trading day in 11 sessions following a 6% decline and the worst losing streak for gold since September 1996. Gold's weakness has been blamed on a number of factors including looming interest rate rises in the US, disappointment over Chinese central bank purchases, a temporary resolution to the Greek debt crisis, weakness across the commodities sector and a stronger dollar. But this week's surprising slide probably has more to do with futures speculation than any change in fundamentals for the metal. Large gold futures investors such as hedge funds have slashed net long positions – bets on a rising price – to the lowest since 2006 when the Commodity Futures Trading Commission first started to collect the data. So-called managed money are also holding record shorts. Gold was knocked out on Monday in what seemed an almost concerted cross-continental effort to push the price through support levels that the metal has bounced off numerous times before.
Nancy GAO Sat 25 Jul, 2015

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Loosing sheen: Gold in free fall as China dumps metal, Indians wait for further price decline. Blame poor rains or a lack of weddings, but Indians, for whom gold is the investment of choice, aren't rushing to buy bullion after this week's sharp sell-off. India and China are the world's top gold buyers and, after massive selling on the Shanghai Gold Exchange on Monday helped drive down gold prices by 4 percent to a 5-year low, traders hoped demand would perk up in India, or elsewhere in Asia. The last big slide in gold prices - a 13 percent drop in just two consecutive trading days in April 2013 - prompted weeks of long queues of Indians outside gold showrooms.
Mukesh Thu 23 Jul, 2015

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Gold is still bombed out after China's mystery market dump. Gold stabilized on Tuesday holding just above a five-year low, but investors still see further price falls a day after the metal tumbled 4%. Reflecting losing interest in gold, holdings in the top gold fund SPDR Gold Trust fell to the lowest since 2008. Bullion, after sliding on Monday by the most since September 2013, is trading just above the critical $1,100-an-ounce support level, another breach of which could lead to a further sell-off, traders and analysts say. "This clearly means that the bearish sentiment for gold remains even at this juncture," OCBC Bank analyst Barnabas Gan said. "I'm still looking at more downside risk for gold," said Gan, who has forecast a price of $1,050 by year-end.
MANOLO Thu 23 Jul, 2015

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No Signs Of Gold Rush In China And India. The gold rush occurred in 2013 has not repeated as the price of gold hit a five-year low of $1,096.68/oz on Monday. Hong Kong’s jewelry retail chains, which have stores across China, have not seen Chinese buying, according to Deutsche Bank: Despite a five-year low gold price, there is no sign of a gold rush in HK and China, according to Chow Tai Fook (1929.Hong Kong). Huang Weichang, the CEO of Luk Fook (0590.HK) said that gold sales remained soft, gold consumption sentiment is still weak, according to HKEJ. Ronald Leung, the vice general manager of Lee Cheong Gold, commented that it is hard to say whether this gold price slump will affect gold and jewelry consumption in the coming weeks. He expects that the gold price will not rebound until the US dollar stops strengthening after the US presidential election in 2016. Sales people at Chow Sang Sang (0116.HK) also cited that no gold rush has occurred yet, according to HKEJ.
Shuli Ren Thu 23 Jul, 2015