Gold Bullion Sri Lanka - Colombo Today - This is a dedicated page shows the gold Bullion Rates in Sri Lanka - Colombo. Find Today's current gold international bullion rates of 24K/Ounce and its converted price in Sri Lankan currency. Finance offers live online latest Bullion prices (24K carat gold rates, 22k carat gold rate, and biscuit) local currency & US Dollars and other major updated currencies in per ounce. Here you can also find gold price History chart (archive) and current silver rates (silver bullion prices) along with international gold rates.

 Gold 24K / Ounce (09 May, 2021 02:55:44 )


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Gold Rates Sri Lanka (Converted from International Rate)
(Update and associate with international Gold trading)
Sri Lanka [Gold 24K per 10 Grams] 0.00
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