Nissan board fires chairman Carlos Ghosn after arrest


Tokyo: Nissan board members do unanimously voting to sack their chariman Carlos Ghosn from his post.

Nissan board fires chairman Carlos Ghosn after his arrest for doing financial misconduct.  However, Carlos Ghosn is accused of hiding his income worth million of dollars. In addition, allegations of other financial irregularities are also present. Nissan probe alleged him in the shocking whistleblower report.

Nissan stressed the long standing  partnership with automobile manufacturer Renault remains unchanged. However, their mission is to minimize the key impact and confusion on the day-to-day cooperation between both firms.

The removal of Carlos Ghosn as chairman represents an astonishing turnaround for the titan of the auto sector. However, Nissan revived the Japanese brand and forged an alliance with Renault and Mitsubishi Motors, which sold a combined 10.6 million cars last year that are more than any other automobile manufacturer.


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