Bank Islami Cyber Attack: SBP issues directions to banks for security


Bank Islami cyber attack of $6.5 million caused State Bank of Pakistan to issue directions to banks to enhance their security.

The shocking Bank Islami cyber attack convinced authorities to take preventive measures as SBP issued security directions.

issued guidelines with respect to bank cards after a digital assault wiped out over $6 Million in Pakistani rupees from Bank Islami Pakistan. The digital assault on Pakistani bank has left numerous clients, bank proprietors, and nationals confused.

As per SBP, Bank Islami clients are briefly suspended from utilizing the bank’s cards for abroad exchanges after the assault.

The State Bank has educated the bank to take every vital measure to follow the weakness and fix it promptly. The influenced bank has likewise been told to issue warning on careful steps to be taken by clients

The national bank discharged an announcement after the occurrence, because of security break of cards of one of the banks in Pakistan yesterday and their unapproved use on various conveyance channels i.e. at ATMs and POS in various nations, the bank has incidentally limited utilization of its cards for abroad exchanges.


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