CDNS revealed Rs200 million fraud in National Savings Scheme


Central Directorate National Savings or CDNS revealed the huge scam in the well acknowledged National Savings Scheme.

National Savings Scheme fraud worth Rs200 million was revealed by CDNS. According to sources, CDNS found the Rs 200 million scam on the maturity of the 10 year saving certificates of individuals. However, the individuals belong from the Lahore branch.

According to details, CDNS Lahore officials transferred Rs 110 million to their respective bank accounts. However, their family members are alleged to withdraw another Rs 100 million.

Nadeem Iqbal, Director Human Resources of CDNS, revealed that it is perhaps the largest fraud in the organization. He further added that not over 3 cases of scam had been reported in the institution in the last 15 years.

Dr Arshad Mehmood, Director General of CDNS, said that the majority of withdrawn amount had been retrieved and Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) handled the case.

However, a special audit of whole record revealed about no extent of scam that is transferable.


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