EU stress tests: Deutsche Bank still among worst 10 banks in Europe


Frankfurt: Deutsche Bank scored among the 10 worst banks in Europe in the latest test.

Deutsche Bank is still among 10 worst banks as in the recent European stress tests. According to banking and financial experts, Deutsche Bank to fare badly after around 3 years of losses.

There was no formal pass/fall flat stamp, yet financial specialists are checking how much center capital loan specialists hold against a limit of 5.5 percent. The nearly watched health check over the European Union led by the European Banking Authority (EBA) could compel slouches to raise capital or to compromise on assets.

The test outcome for the most part mirrored the lessening in Deutsche’s profit yet did not demonstrate the bank’s brought down hazard profile, since it neglected to represent arranged resources and because of the manner in which the test treats vital liquidity saves.

Following three years of misfortunes at Deutsche Bank, a fizzled pressure test in the US, a few endeavors to rebuild, an administration shake-up and an evaluations minimize, numerous financial specialists have lost confidence in Germany’s greatest bank, whose shares have fallen by 40% in 2018.


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