Foreign Investment in Rwanda: Chinese, Mauritians are leading investors


Chinese and Mauritians are making huge foreign private capital inflows in Rwanda.

The foreign investment in Rwanda has seen a positive trend from Chinese and Mauritians investors. However, the recent update is revealed by the Rwandan central bank survey on Monday (yesterday).

The foreign private capital survey revealed that Mauritian investors topped whose investments are the 25.8% of the total foreign private capital.

In addition, in 2017, the full investment of Mauritian investors is around $ 117 million. However, according to survey, the main investment areas are manufacturing, energy, and tourism.

Chinese investors got 2nd position as it constituted the 18.4% of foreign capital inflows with the investment of around $ 83 million primarily in the manufacturing sector.

In addition, in 2017, foreign investment in Rwanda provided around 66000 jobs. However, in 2016, 56,000 jobs were created.


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