IMF Loan: Pakistan will get $5 to 6bn, finance minister Asad Umar


Finance minister Asad Umar said that Pakistan will receive IMF loan of $5 to 6 billion from International Monetary Fund.

IMF loan to Pakistan will be from $5 to 6 billion as revealed by Asad Umar, the finance minister of Pakistan. However, the IMF delegation is in Pakistan for 14 days.

Asad Umar said that the government is holding several talks with IMF delegation. He further added that the stage to discuss IMF loan conditions is yet to come as the delegation is in Pakistan for long duration.

The finance minister said that if IMF conditions are not in country’s interest, then the government will not accept them. The arrangements up till made are that Pakistan doesn’t require to bend over should IMF set strict conditions.

Asad Umar said that the PM Imran Khan visit to China will also bring good news for Pakistan. He said that the good news from China will arrive soon.


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