MCB Bank, Bank Al Jazira (Fawri) signed agreement about remittances


Muslim Commercial Bank and Bank Al Jazira (Fawri) now signed the agreement about the transfer of international remittances to Pakistan.

MCB Bank and Bank Al Jazira (Fawri) signed the agreement to facilitate the remittances to beneficiaries in Pakistan.  The strategic deal between both banks will provide great benefit to overseas Pakistanis in Saudia Arabia and their families in Pakistan. However, their families or relatives can receive the money through over 1350 MCB Bank branches in Pakistan.

The deal was signed by Muhammad Naeem Saigol, Division Head – TBD, MCB Bank and Sami Hamad AlRajhi, Head of Banking Services Group at Fawri, Bank Al Jazira. However, the agreement was made in the presence of Ziad Aftab Ejaz, Department Head – Home Remittances at MCB and Hassan Saleem, Fawri MTO Manager and Business Projects at Bank Al Jazira.


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