DAP, Urea sales fall in Pakistan due to higher prices


Di Ammonium phosphate DAP and urea sales significantly fall in the country.

In November, DAP and urea sales fall due to higher prices. However, it is expected that the situation will change in December as per the Rabi Crop demand.

National Fertiliser Develop­ment Centre or NFDC figures revealed that during November, the total urea sales observed 497,000 tonnes.  However, the decline of 17.4 percent is recorded year on year.

On the other side, in November 2017, DAP sales fall by 47% to 265,000 tonnes. However, the sale of nutrients also faced the decline.

In December, government permitted the import of extra 100,000 tonnes of Urea. However, the aim is to take the total limit to 1.1 million tonnes and to deal with the supply shortages. On the other side, urea prices increased by 26% since November last year.

According to experts, the raised import quantity is probably not going to test pricing power of companies under current situation as the local urea costs are still lower than the global rates. The expansion in worldwide oil costs was one of the key factors setting off the ascent of urea and DAP costs.


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