FBR invites proposals from stakeholders for next budget 2019-20


FBR or Federal Board of Revenue on Monday welcomed recommendations from different stakeholders for the upcoming budget 2019-20.

The recommendations, which are to be presented by Feb 22, should concentrate on widening the duty base and increment income gathering in increases to proposals for conceivable corrections in the assessment laws, guidelines and notices.

As indicated by the warnings issued on Monday, the rules propose partners to give proposals went for expelling peculiarities and challenges to annul obsolete and out of date arrangements inside the laws. Besides, the FBR has additionally requested that the partners present their recommendations by including the ensuing income effect of proposed changes too.

The FBR is searching for proposals to dispense with expense misrepresentation, phony and flying solicitations, stopping escape clauses assuming any, encouraging certified citizens and making the methodology straightforward. The recommendations ought to be made keeping in view the ramifications for the other related exchange bunches which may be unfavorably influenced by the proposed measures.


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