FBR is going to launch single tax platform for filers


FBR tax portal would be operational in a few days. In any case, it will be a solitary platform to help filers. FBR and all provinces have chosen to meet up and dispatch a solitary online portal for tax filers of products and services under the administrations diminish for operating businesses. It will get straightforwardness to taxpayers presenting their tax.

At present, The FBR gathers the sales tax on great and the administration tax is gathered by the common income board. (NFC) National Finance Commission equation will be connected under the understanding between the FBR and the income board where FBR will share the sales tax with the legislature.

The taxpayers will get the access of FBR and provincial sales tax returns in a single portal. The FBR is attempting to make things simpler on the sales tax return and have effectively enlisted counselors to enlarge the form

According to financial analysts, the tax collection will offer great assistance to the government in the revenue generation. On the other side, it will also create positive impact on the Pakistani stock market.


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