FBR mobile app is assisting people to file income tax


FBR mobile app is significantly assisting people who want to file income tax.

With the launch of FBR mobile app, salaried individuals can now easily file the tax even with their smartphones. In September, it was launched when FBR Chairman Shabbar Zaidi revealed about the newly launched app in his tweet. Here is his tweet about the FBR mobile app.

FBR and all provinces have chosen to meet up and dispatch a solitary online portal for tax filers of products and services under the administrations diminish for operating businesses. It will get straightforwardness to taxpayers presenting their tax.

At present, FBR gathers the sales tax on great and the administration tax is gathered by the common income board. (NFC) National Finance Commission equation will be connected under the understanding between the FBR and the income board where FBR will share the sales tax with the legislature.

As per the economists, the tax collection through app will eventually benefit the Pakistan Stock Exchange. It will also provide huge assistance to the government in the revenue generation.


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