petrol price in Pakistan is not increasing from tomorrow


Government delayed the decision to raise the petrol price in Pakistan from May 1.

Petrol price in Pakistan was decided to increase from Wednesday (tomorrow). However, Firdous Ashiq Awan, the Special Assistant to PM, revealed the news. OGRA recommended raising Petrol price in Pakistan by Rs 14.37 per liter from May 1. In a recent summary, OGRA proposed a hike of Rs 4.89 per liter in the price of high speed diesel. Sources said body has recommended a price hike of Rs 7.46 per liter in kerosene oil and Rs 6.40 per liter in light diesel oil prices.

Last month, the government increased the per liter price of petrol and high speed diesel by Rs 6 to Rs 98.89 and Rs 117.43 respectively, and of light speed diesel and kerosene oil by Rs 3 to Rs 80.54 and Rs 89.31 per liter respectively.


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