Remittances to Pakistan increased by 10% in 6 months


In first 6 months of the new fiscal year, remittances to Pakistan are significantly increased.

Remittances to Pakistan have seen rise of 10% in just 6 months. However, they are recorded $10.718 billion as compared to the $9.744 billion at the same time period last year. State Bank of Pakistan or SBP revealed the news on Thursday (yesterday).

Inflows in December 2018 are also declined by 1.9% this year to $1,690.18m. However, they were $1723.57 during the same time period of 2017. On the other side, monthly remittances were increased by $82m or 5%.

According to the new data, Saudi Arabia remained the largest source of inflows as overseas Pakistanis in the country sent $2.567 during the first 6 months of the current fiscal year.

Pakistan positions fifth worldwide in measure of settlements got.

The administration has been looking for dollars from various inviting nations to meet its twin deficiencies just as attempting to help settlements by attracting abroad Pakistanis.

Settlements are currently 50% of the import bill and practically equivalent to send out continues yet Pakistan still needs more than $18bn by FY19-end. Pakistan had gotten about $20bn in the last fiscal year.

Pakistan is additionally wanting to send around 100,000 workers to Qatar which could give an immense push to yearly inflows.

The legislature further reported that Saudi Arabia is probably going to put $15bn in Pakistan while greater venture from different nations may pursue. These inflows could incompletely balance the twin shortfalls, low outside trade saves and conversion standard lopsided characteristics.


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