South Korea is looking to import more Pakistani manpower


Kwak Sung-Kyu, South Korean Ambassador to Pakistan revealed that their country will increase the Pakistani manpower in their industry.

More Pakistani manpower will be exported to South Korea, as revealed by the South Korean Ambassador to Pakistan. However, he revealed the news during his meeting with Zulfikar Bukhari, Special Assistant to PM Imran Khan on Human Resource Development and Overseas Pakistanis.

During the meeting, both leaders discussed mutual interest matters and South Korea agreed to raise the workers quota for Pakistanis. SAPM informed Kwak Sung-Kyu that Pakistan has exported the 700 workers to South Africa. In addition, South Korea also showed the interest to make investments in Pakistan Railways.

The Ambassador additionally indicated trust in the tourism industry of Pakistan and said that travel industry was among one of the parts, which had colossal potential.

He said there are a few social legacy destinations in Pakistan, which could help draw in sightseers from his nation. The Ambassador said some social destinations in Pakistan likewise had religious attractions for South Korean travelers.


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