UAE Aid to Pakistan: $3 billion will be received in single go


According to sources, UAE aid to Pakistan worth $3 billion will be offered in the single go.

$3 billion UAE aid to Pakistan will be provided in the one go as revealed by the sources. However, the United Arab Emirates aid will be directly deposited in the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP). In addition, the 2.18% interest rate will be applied on the UAE aid to Pakistan.

It is expected that the financial bailout from UAE will contain the budget support and cheaper loans. In addition, it is also expected that the oil will be provided on deferred payment facilities for the 3 year duration which is equivalent to $250 million per month.

The Abu Dhabi Fund for Development said in an explanation that it will store the sum in the coming days to improve liquidity and fiscal stores of foreign currency at the bank.

The nation’s help for Pakistan’s financial strategy depends on the chronicled ties between the two individuals, and the two neighborly nations and the longing to additionally build up the dual collaboration in all fields.


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