Latest currency rate in Pakistan, today forex updates


Here, you can read the article about the latest forex updates.

As per the latest currency rate in Pakistan today, several foreign currencies observed the fluctuation. In Pakistan people buy and sell different foreign currencies. However, they take advantage of latest forex rates to get the true analysis of conversion rates.

On the other side, there are different factors that result in the raise or decline in the value of any currency such as United States Dollar Rate, Great Britain Pound Rate, Euro Rate, Saudi Riyal Rate, etc.

However, changes in expansion cause variance in currency exchange rates. Changes in financing cost impact cash regard and dollar transformation scale. Current record of any nation reflects alter of exchange and pay on remote venture.

Below you can check the exchange rates for different currencies.

Forex Updates

Currency Symbol Buying Selling
US Dollar USD 155.82 155.92
UAE Dirham AED 42.4 42.7
Saudi Riyal SAR 41.4 41.7
Kuwaiti Dinar KWD 510.98 511.08
Indian Rupee INR 2.1 2.3
Euro EUR 172.5 174.5
Chinese Yuan CNY 22.2 23.2
Canadian Dollar CAD 119 121
British Pound GBP 199.5 201.5
Australian Dollar AUD 106 108


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