USD to PKR: Currency rate in Pakistan today, Tuesday, 5 March 2019


Currency Rate in Pakistan

Currency rate in Pakistan for today is here. You can check the rates for 5 March 2019 for different cities.

  • USD to PKR buying rate in Pakistan is Rs 138.8
  • USD to PKR selling rate in Pakistan is Rs 139.2

The USD to PKR rate in Pakistan is continuously rising in Pakistan due to several factors such as inflation, Pakistani rupee devaluation, etc.

A few months back, the Pakistani currency got stable against other currencies as Pakistan managed to receive the $6 billion loan from Saudi Arabia. Investors also believe that the recent MBS visit to Pakistan and the development of new projects in Pakistan will create the positive impact on Pakistani Rupee.

On the other side, there are several other factors that are affecting dollar rate in Pakistan.

Key Factors

  • Alteration in inflation as it creates fluctuation in the forex rates.
  • The dollar conversion scale is also influenced by the alterations in the financing cost.
  • The current account of Pakistan or any other country is also the key indicator of the profit on foreign investment.
  • The financial execution and the political state of Pakistan also affect the foreign exchange reserves.

Below, we provided the conversion rates in Pakistan for different currencies. The data is collected from local forex market and different local exchanges of Pakistan.

Currency rates for US Dollar, UAE Dirham, Saudi Riyal, Kuwaiti Dinar, Indian Rupee, Euro, Chinese Yuan, Canadian Dollar, British Pound, and Australian Dollar are provided below.

Forex Updates

Currency Symbol Buying Selling
US Dollar USD 138.8 139.2
UAE Dirham AED 36.6 36.85
Saudi Riyal SAR 36.6 36.85
Kuwaiti Dinar KWD 458.5 461
Indian Rupee INR 1.92 1.99
Euro EUR 156.5 157
Chinese Yuan CNY 20.8 20.95
Canadian Dollar CAD 103 103.75
British Pound GBP 182 183
Australian Dollar AUD 97.5 98.5


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We update Currency rates on daily basis. You can also check the gold rate in Pakistan here.


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