Painful Brexit Divorce: EU ministers agreed on terms


Brussels: According to sources, European ministers showed their acceptance towards the painful Brexit divorce on Monday (yesterday).

The painful Brexit divorce deal is entered into a crucial stage as European Union ministers launched the negotiations. However, they started it on future cross channel ties.

European Union’s Austrian rotating presidency and Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier said that the text will be given to EU leaders at a signing summit.

Austrian European affairs minister Gernot Bluemel said that the first difficult step is done.  However, Austria holds the the rotating EU presidency. Gernot Bluemel revealed that the painful week in the European politics is beginning. He further added that they have the divorce papers on the table and 45 years of difficult marriage are coming to end.

Britain will leave European Union on March 29 2019, but remain within its single market for additional 21 months. However, negotiators seek a deal to avoid a potential breakdown in trade between the key economic partners.


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