Cigarette Industry: NAB to Expand Probe into PKR 60 Billion Tax Evasion


 National Accountability Bureau has forwarded the case details of PKR 60 billion tax evasion to its head office for further investigation.

According to sources, the Regional Board in a meeting evaluated the tax evasion case and concluded that the matter should be forwarded for further probe to NAB considering the enormity of the tax evasion by the tobacco sector.

The Auditor General of Pakistan office said the cigarette industry was involved in tax evasion to the tune of PKR 33 billion and recently the government fired six members of the tax regulator who were accountable for this loss to the national exchequer and moved them to different ministries.

Moreover, Federal Board of Revenue was unable to attain its revenue target from the cigarette sector, which is a major provider to the public exchequer because of the introduction of third slab of federal excise duty, which caused a revenue loss to the tune of PKR 60 billion in last three years.

FBR chairman has also apprised the special committee regarding the fall in tax payments from the cigarette industry.

Moreover, FBR chairman told the committee action has been initiated and removal of those responsible constituted part of it.


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