Coal power in Pakistan reduced power tariff by Rs10 per unit


In the last 5 years, due to the use of coal power in Pakistan, the power tariff in the country significantly decreased.

Coal power in Pakistan lowered the power tariff by around Rs 10 per unit. However, it is reached at Rs 7 to 8 per unit from Rs 16 to 18 per unit. It is due to the coal fired plants commissioned under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor or CPEC.

According to sources, National Electric Power Regulatory Authority or NEPRA also decreased the power tariffs as coal power plants made a great contribution in the Pakistani energy market. However, these power plants are offering affordable energy to the Pakistani customers.

Pakistan added 3240 MW electricity to the national grid after the introduction of CPEC energy projects. However, it amounts 11% of the total installed capacity of around 29000 MW.

On the other side, coal power projects also assisted Pakistan to reduce their dependence on the LNG power plants and natural gas.


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