Govt affirms to protect foreign investors in Pakistan


Lahore: Pakistan vows to provide protection to foreign investors in Pakistan to attract more investment in the country.

Foreign investors in Pakistan will be insulated by the laws, courts, and state institutions to provide them sense of security. However, according to Board of Investment (BoI) Chairman Haroon Sharif, it will attract the fresh Direct Foreign Investment (FDI).

Haroon Sharif said that the government need to develop the island for foreign investors and that will be on the pattern of Dubai International Financial Centre. However, he said it before leaving for Malaysia with Prime Minister Imran Khan.

BoI Chairman said that there should be strict, transparent, and independent rules of business for the regulation of foreign firms. However, it will be insulated from the reach of state agencies, laws, and authority.

Haroon Sharif claimed that companies from two Gulf countries, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates have shown interest to invest in in energy, housing, water desalination, ports and shipping projects. However, the investment has worth of $20-30 billion in Pakistan.


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