NEPRA reserves decision on increase in power tariff


PTI’s govt approached National Electric Power Regulatory Authority or NEPRA to offer the consent for regularizing increase in power tariff.

Decision about increase in power tariff is apprised by NEPRA as revealed by the Ministry of Energy (Power Division) official.

Recently, the power tariff is Rs 11.71 per unit and if the raise gets approval then the new tariff will be Rs 12.98 per unit. However, the Rs 1.27 hike per unit to apply the same tariff across the country.

Zargham Eshaq Khan, Power Division Joint Secretary, revealed that the hike of Rs 3.8 per unit in power tariff for power distribution companies (Discos). In addition, Zargham Eshaq Khan said that the govt will offer subsidy to domestic customers who are using less than 300 units each month.

The Power Division Joint Secretary said that the government aimed for the power distribution companies to bring the enhancement in the system. However, it will bring Rs 140 billion in revenue.


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