Pakistan Railway revenue breaks record after hitting Rs 60.55 mn in a day


Pakistan Railway profit achieved a new milestone after setting a new record of single day earning.

Pakistan Railway revenue was reached at Rs 60.55 million in the single day, December 1. However, the revenue was generated from the sale of over 51,000 passenger tickets.

The Railway spokesperson revealed that the passenger tickets have a worth of over Rs 20 million were sold by e-ticketing. However, the sales of ticket in high numbers expected to bring the high Pakistan Railway revenue.

Pakistan Railway has seen major improvements in last few months. On November 27, the institution had also sold the high number of passenger tickets. However, the sold tickets worth over 50 million on that day.

Last month, Ministry of Railway revealed that Pakistan Railway tracking system installation is in final stage as. However, the system will monitor the movement of trains along with their fuel expenditure.

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