PFA sealed food businesses for failing hygiene standards


Punjab Food Authority or PFA enforcements teams sealed 8 different food businesses as they failed to meet hygiene standards.

PFA sealed food businesses including a bakery and restaurant as they were not practicing hygiene standards. Muhammad Usman, PFA Director General, said that their team sealed Al-Fazal Restaurant as they were selling expired food items and not following standards. In addition, they also sealed Saddique fish point at Scheme Mor as they were frying fish in rancid and substandard oil.

Punjab Food Authority enforcement team also raided the Rahat Bakery in Harbanspura. However, they sealed it after they recovered the expired products such as energy drinks, juices, corn oil, and cola. Moreover, PFA regulatory body also closed 2 pan shops as they were involved in gutka that is seriously bad to health.


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