Power Tariff: NEPRA approved 31 paisa per unit cut


National Electric Power Regulatory Authority or NEPRA approved the cut in the power tariff by 31 paisa per unit.

NEPRA approved power tariff cut down by 31 paisas. However, it is due to the fuel cost adjustment for the month of November 2018. In addition, downward adjustment by NEPRA in power tariff will extend the overall relief of 2 billion rupees to customers.

On the other side, Central Power Purchasing Agency or CPPA submitted the petition for 33 paisa per unit reduction in the tariff with NEPRA for the monthly fuel cost adjustment. In addition, CPPA also demanded earlier dues amounting to Rs 5 billion.

It is the first time in the last 6 months that the power tariff reduction was requested to NEPRA. In addition, the increment in crude oil price is also the main cause of the increment in tariff for last 6 times.

Power companies also got Rs 5 per unit from people in the bills of November. However, the generation cost remained same at Rs 4.71 per unit.

Earlier, NEPRA decided about the new power tariff in the public hearing of CPPA petition on Thursday (today).


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