Saudi Aramco develops retail company for its business growth


Saudi Arabian Oil Company Aramco announced that the development of the wholly owned subsidiary to expand its downstream business.

Saudi Aramco announced that they developed the retail company so their network of domestic fuel stations can grow further. However, the newly formed company, the Saudi Aramco Retail Company (RetailCo) will enhance its operational activities in automobile fuel segment.

It is expected that they will create the premium network of domestic fuel retailing stations to uplift the standards of sector and to provide the improved customer experience.

Saudi Aramco’s senior vice president of downstream, Abdulaziz Al-Judaimi, revealed that the company will leverage the synergies in our business model and position to actively participate in the customer-oriented segment of the downstream value chain.

Abdulaziz Al-Judaimi further added that by enforcing the customer focus culture and being combined with the high quality fuel and services, RetailCo will make all efforts to exceed their customers’ expectations to make sure the sustainability of business on the long term business.


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