Siemens will invest up to 600 million euros in Berlin


Siemens will make the investment of over 600 million euros in Berlin, the capital of Germany.

Siemens will invest 600 million euros ($681 million) in Germany’s capital Berlin. However, it will assist in the transformation of Berlin as a technology and industrial hub.

The huge investment will assist to develop the Siemens city named Siemensstadt. However, it is a place in Berlin where the predecessor company set up factories by the end of 19th century.

In Spandu, a new project covering the area of 70 hectares is aiming for the transformation. However, it will convert the large industrial area into the modern and urban place of the future. In addition, it will promote collaboration and innovation between business and sciences.

However, the current property of Siemens in Spandau will be developed into the business incubator and technology park at the end of 2030.

Some activities in different fields such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, electric vehicle technology, data analytics, machine learning, distributed energy systems and energy management.


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