SNGPL received millions of applications for domestic connections


Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited or SNGPL received a huge number of applications for domestic connections.

SNGPL received about 2.4 million applications for the domestic connections within last 2 years. However, they are working on the target to add extra 0.6 million customers in the ongoing fiscal year.

Sui Southern Gas Company Limited (SSGCL) and SNGPL will provide around 1 million new gas connections in the respective areas. However, it will be in fiscal year 2018-19. Both companies planned to lay over 12,800 km of distribution and pipelines in their respective regions.

Pakistan has an extensive gas network of over 12,829 km transmission, 132,065 km distribution and 34,631 services gas pipelines. However, it can cater the requirement of more than 8.9 million consumers across Pakistan.

Balochistan is producing 467 mmcfd against demand for 292 mmcfd, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) is producing 411 mmcfd and getting 296 mmcfd, Punjab is producing 119 million cubic feet of gas (mmcfd) and getting 1,000 mmcfd and Sindh is producing 2,320 mmcfd against the consumption of 1,696 mmcfd.


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