OGRA announces up to 9% reduction in RLNG rates


According to the updated rates for February, SNGPL will now charge $11.55/MMBtu and $12.49/MMBtu for distribution and transmission, respectively.

Comparing these figures to the January 2023 prices, there is an overall decrease of $1.1/MMBtu for SNGPL transmission and $1.2/MMBtu for transmission.

Similarly, SSGC’s new prices for February are set at $11.13/MMBtu for transmission and $12.96/MMBtu for distribution. In contrast to the previous month, this represents a decline of $1.1/MMBtu for transmission and $1.29/MMBtu for distribution.

The decision to lower prices aligns with the federal government’s policy guidelines, reflecting efforts to provide relief and stability in the energy sector.