Rupee gains ground against US dollar in interbank


The day began with an unexpected 13-paisa increase, according to currency dealers.

However, as the trading day continued, the Pakistani Rupee displayed resilience, leading to a strengthening trend in the market.

During the course of trading, the interbank rate saw a reduction of 22 paisas, bringing the exchange rate to a stable Rs285.30.

This turnaround reflects the dynamic nature of currency markets, where fluctuations are not uncommon.

In placement with the interbank market, the open market also witnessed a decline in the US dollar's value, with a 50-paisa drop, settling at Rs285.50.

This slight dip in the open market further contributes to the overall narrative of the US Dollar's adaptability in the face of market dynamics.

Looking back at the last day of the previous business week, there was a 10-paisa increase in the value of the US Dollar during trading.

However, the week as a whole recorded a significant decrease of more than one rupee in the currency market.