High fluctuations in PSX observed in last few weeks


Pakistan Stock Exchange or PSX has seen fluctuations on different occasions and trading sessions.

Fluctuations in PSX significantly observed during the 65 trading sessions of PTI government. During August 17 to November 22, KSE 100 Index declined by 3.8% or 1,573 points. The index closed at 40,874 points on Thursday while it was at 42,447 points in the last government’s term. In addition, last month, 2 best and worst sessions followed each other in a rapid succession.

In October, the heavy selling by both foreign and local investors took down KSE 100 Index by 3.39% or 1,328 points. However, it was the biggest single day decline in last 15 months and the index was reached at 37,898 points.  The benchmark was lowest in 10 months and about $2bn or Rs 244 billion was wiped out from the market.

According to financial analysts and traders, the uncertainty over IMF loan is also causing fluctuations in PSX. The tough conditions of IMF bailout package are making Pakistan reluctant to accept the program.

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