PSX: KSE 100 Index dropped by over 300 points


Pakistan Stock Exchange or PSX has seen a decline as KSE 100 Index came down by over 300 points.

KSE 100 Index reached at 41,352.77 points after lowering down by 307.98 points in a single day. However, International Monetary Fund (IMF) and Pakistan are still not mutually agreed on terms, that is causing uncertainty in the stock market.

The tough conditions of IMF bailout package are making Pakistan reluctant to accept the program. However, conditions included the rise in energy prices, complete disclosure of the China financial aid, and to implement more taxes.

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On the other side, there is no update of any immediate financial assistance from United Arab Emirates (UAE). However, in Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX), KSE-100 shares lost 0.74%. In addition, KSE 30 Index reached 19,789.94 points after losing 169.44 points (0.85%).


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