PSX: KSE 100 Index gained 173 points after 3 consecutive losses


Pakistan Stock Exchange or PSX has seen a positive trend as KSE 100 Index has seen a 0.46% rise.

KSE 100 Index gained 173 points after losses for 3 consecutive days and reached at 38,237. Investors’ confidence observed a positive trend from the slowdown of the foreign outflows of $2.88 million.

According to analysts, the speculator notion turned positive likewise fully expecting the year-end shutting action of institutional financial specialists that kept the stream of cash towards refinery, cement, banking, and food sectors. Market limited the developing instability on the political front.

Intraday, the file contacted a high of 586 points however went down as financial specialists shed a portion of their positions, choosing to sit tight for positive triggers and settlement over the IMF bailout.

As indicated by sources, picking up areas included fertilizer, expanding 82, tobacco 34, oil and gas 29 points, cement 29 and textiles 11 points. Exploration and production as a slow poke because of diminish attitude toward any advantageous enhancement in worldwide oil costs.


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