PSX: KSE 100 Index gained over 600 points in intra day trading today


Pakistan Stock Exchange has seen a positive trend as KSE 100 Index significantly increased on Wednesday (today).

KSE 100 Index or Karachi Stock Exchange 100 Index crossed 41,570 level after gaining 611 points. According to financial analysts, the gain seems visible after the Finance Minister Asad Umar revealed that there is no more facing payment crisis in Pakistan. He further added that Pakistan will soon overcome this situation forever.

Earlier, PM Imran Khan grab the 12 month deal from Saudi Arabia that will deposit $3 billion with the central bank of Pakistan.

Talks about IMF loan to Pakistan will be also held as IMF delegation will arrive in Islamabad today. However, the IMF visit to Pakistan is for around 14 days. In the initial phase, IMF technical team will make talks with Pakistani officials. However, Pakistan will elaborate the delegation about the economic needs of country.

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