PSX performance in 2018 failed to meet expectations


Pakistan Stock Exchange or PSX performance in 2018 not met the expectations of investors.

PSX performance in 2018 has seen a high volatility and uncertainty. However, in the calendar year 2018, investors have faced the loss of 26.5% in dollar terms (8.4%). On December 31, KSE 100 Index again dropped by 0.27%. However, it reached at 37,066.67 after the decline of 100.35 points.

KSE 100 Index fell 95 points in early exchange yet it was in the last half hour when the benchmark went into free fall, showing intraday low by 365 points.

Politically charged climate additionally develop fear among financial specialists who chose to dump stocks in the number one spot of insurance agencies that sold off value worth $4.07 million and merchants exclusive exchanging shutting their places of $1.86m.

On the other side, cement sector proceeded with its descending direction for third sequential day, investigation and generation shut higher on the back of increment in raw petroleum costs with real stocks shutting in green.


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