Apple pulls iPhone in Germany, Qualcomm extends global win


Chip manufacturer Qualcomm Inc won the second case of its patent battle with Apple Inc as the company enforced to pull some iPhones.

Apple pulls iPhone in Germany after Qualcomm won the court case related to the patent. However, Qualcomm’s victory in Germany came after their earlier win in the court. A few weeks back, they succeeded to get court order to ban the sales of few iPhone models in China.

Qualcomm’s success in Germany comes a long time after it secured a court request to boycott offers of some iPhone models in China. Apple, which is challenging the two decisions, has kept on offering its iPhones in China however made changes to its iOS OS in the wake of the Chinese request.

The German triumph may influence just a couple of million iPhones out of the several millions that Apple moves every year. In any case, it is a little however clear success in a complex fight in court that will turn into overdrive in the coming a very long time as antitrust controllers and Apple both prosecute Qualcomm in the United States.

Apple claims that Qualcomm occupied with illicit conduct to safeguard an imposing business model on modem chips, which enable cell phones to interface with data networks. Qualcomm has thusly blamed Apple for utilizing the chip provider’s huge stable of innovation developments without legitimate pay.


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