FBR issued procedure for regularization of unregistered mobile phones


Federal Board of Revenue or FBR revealed the procedure for regularization of unregistered mobile phones in the country.

Procedure for regularization of unregistered mobile phones is now issued by FBR. However, the payment of taxes and duty to regularize the imports of non commercial mobile phones

Yesterday, FBR issued customs general order 06 of 2018 and customs notification SRO1455 of 2018. Now, customs procedures for imports of non-commercial cell phones will be implemented through the announced procedure.

After paying taxes or duties on unregistered mobile phones, that came in the country through the informal channels. However, they can be registered with Pakistan Telecommunication Auth­ority or PTA till December 31 this year. On the other side, penalty payment was waived on these mobile phones.

After December 31 2018, there will be no option to regularize the unregistered mobile phones. However, all such phones will be blocked through Devices Identi­fication, Registration and Blocking System or DRIBS by PTA. IN addition, all such phones will also be liable for outright / seizure confiscation.


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