Official Karachi Price List app for daily use items launched


The official app Karachi Price List is now launched that is providing prices of different daily used items.

Karachi Price List app has prices of several commodities including grocery, vegetables, fruit, poultry, and meat. The city administration under Commissioner Karachi launched the app.

Commissioner Karachi Iftikhar Ali Shallwani revealed that now citizens can file complaints against high prices. The Sindhi and Urdu versions of this app is also available along with English.

Iftikhar Ali Shallwani claimed that the city administration was vigilantly controlling prices across Karachi. He further added that the city administration officers were also asked to ensure that the price lists were displayed in shops and other outlets.

Commissioner Karachi said that the prices of fruit, meat, vegetables, poultry, grocery and bakery items will be updated daily for the convenience of people utilizing the application.


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