Quake sensing Insight Mars Lander reached at planet, NASA


NASA quake sensing Insight Mars Lander reaches surface after seven-year journey from design to the final landing.

The $993 million worth NASA quake sensing Mars lander spacecraft has a tendency to tolerate quakes and tremors, and to reveal the hidden mysteries of Mars. This includes how the planet was formed billions of years ago, its extension, and how rocky planets like Earth took its shape.

Bridenstine also said Vice President Mike Pence called to congratulate the US space agency for its hard work. The Mars Lander appeared to be in good shape, according to the first communications received from the Martian surface.

Next, InSight must open its solar arrays, as NASA waits until later in the afternoon to learn if that final, crucial phase went as planned. The Mars Lander spacecraft is meant to be solar-powered once it reaches the surface of Mars.


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