Samsung foldable mobile phone glimpse revealed after long wait


After the long wait and rumors, Samsung foldable mobile phone revealed by the company.

Samsung foldable mobile revealed yesterday in the Developer Conference. The unnamed smartphone is now for the prototype. However, for normal smartphone usage, it contains the regular 4.58 inches display when the gadget is unfolded. When unfolded, the interior opened up like book when 7.3 inch screen turned the phone into tablet.

The foldable mobile phone display is acknowledged as “Infinity Flex Display”. Samsung said that they used special foldable adhesive and panel bending tech to ensure better display in both modes. However, the display is supposedly flexible, durable, and super thin.

Samsung collaborated with Google in order to develop the special version of Android for the smartphone. It has a new feature “App continuity” that will allow the user to continuously use the app whether it is unfolded or folded. In addition, the “Multi Active Window” feature will allow user to have maximum 3 usable and open applications at a time.


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