UAE Opens Mega Visa Center in Karachi, Streamlining Visa Process for Pakistani Entrepreneurs


In a significant development fostering stronger ties between Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the UAE has inaugurated its largest visa center in Asia at its Consulate in Karachi. The move aims to facilitate seamless people-to-people and business-to-business interactions, providing a boost to Pakistani businessmen, entrepreneurs, investors, exporters, tourists, and students interested in conducting business or visiting the UAE.

The Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI) warmly welcomed the opening and operationalization of the UAE’s mega visa center in Karachi. FPCCI Acting President Suleman Chawla hailed this milestone as a pivotal step in strengthening bilateral relations and expressed his optimism that it would encourage Pakistani individuals and businesses to choose the UAE as their preferred destination for commerce and tourism.

According to Chawla, the FPCCI recognizes the efforts of Bakheet Ateeq AlRemeithi, the Consul General of UAE in Karachi, for his proactive and visionary role in facilitating the Pakistani business community, particularly in Karachi.

Shabbir Mansha, Vice President of FPCCI, highlighted the significance of the UAE as a vital market for the export of skilled and semi-skilled Pakistani workforce. Mansha emphasized that this partnership helps Pakistan avoid a balance of payments crisis and mitigates the risk of defaulting on its external liabilities.

AlRemeithi, while addressing the FPCCI delegation, announced that Pakistani businessmen will now be able to obtain UAE visas within a single working day, with minimal documentation requirements.

AlRemeithi further encouraged the business community of Karachi to directly approach him in case of any issues, complaints, or delays. He emphasized that the newly established visa center is designed to be customer-business-friendly, with transparent processes and no hidden charges.

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